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This is the home page for the dcm4chee-2.x DICOM Clinical Data Manager system. This is a JEE and JMX system which is deployed within the JBoss Application Server to provide a number of clinical services. It may be used for a variety of different purposes, the most popular being:

  1. a DICOM archive and image manager
  2. a PACS, when coupled with a viewer such as OsiriX, K-PACS, ClearCanvas, Ginkgo CADx, etc.

Overview Topics

Archive Modules

Web-based User Interface dcm4chee contains a robust user interface for administrators which runs entirely in a Web browser.
DICOM Interfaces Acting as an archive, dcm4chee is able to store, query, and retrieve any type of DICOM object.  In addition, support is included for MPPS, GPWL, MWL, Storage Committment, Instance Availability Notification, Study Content Notification, Output Content to CD Media, Hanging Protocols, and more.
HL7 Interfaces The archive includes an integrated HL7 server which can act on ADT, ORM, and ORU message types.
WADO and RID Interfaces WADO (DICOM Part 18, Web Access to DICOM Objects) and RID (IHE Retrieve Information for Display) interfaces enable access to the archived content from the Web.
Audit Record Repository (ARR) IHE ATNA audit logging
Media Creation(CDW) CD Export Manager
XDS/XDS-I XDS is an IHE profile for Cross Enterprise Document Sharing. dcm4chee participates in XDS as a Document Repository, and XDS-I as an Imaging Document Source.
Oviyam Oviyam is a lightweight web viewer for clinical (i.e. non-diagnostic) access to studies and images. This component is intended for users such as Nurses, Doctors and perhaps Patients who can't easily install a full Radiology client station and/or would benefit from a quick representation of the images.

Administration, Operations, and Maintenance

For the Do-It-Yourselfer

Development Brainstorming

3rd Party Tools

  • jpdbi is a command line tool to query (and update) dcm4chee database tables
  • [jdbexp] is a generic command line tool to query (and update) database tables
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