Translating Weasis Plug-ins

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weasis-i18n is the internationalization project of weasis-framework. As a separate project, it can have its own release cycle. The fragments of plug-ins (OSGI concept) contain only the translation files.

Supported languages: French, Japanese 

Project in progress, it will be fully integrated in the release 1.0.7

Binary Distributions

Download the internationalization plug-ins of the release 1.0.7 weasis-i18n.war or

Building Weasis-i18n


  1. Subversion (SVN), one of the following client:
    • Subversion - The core system (server, cli client, libs)
    • Subversive - SVN Team Client (Eclipse plugin)
    • TortoiseSVN - Handy SVN client for Windows systems
  2. JDK 6 or higher (Sun or OpenJDK)
  3. Maven 3 or higher for building and deploying bundles (

Subversion configuration

Using Eclipse: see Configure SVN
subversion client on Linux: add to ~./subversion/config: global-ignores = *.classpath *.project *.settings target
Windows: Tortoise SVN, in settings > Subversion, add "*.classpath *.project *.settings target" to Global ignore pattern.

Check out the last trunk version.

svn co weasis-i18n
cd weasis-i18n
mvn clean package

The distribution files are located in the distribution/target/dist folder.

Public repository (read only access)

Browse online:

Repository for translators (commit access)

Commit access requests must be sent to Nicolas Roduit

Properties editor

Software for translating:

With Eclipse, I recommend to use the properties editor

References for Java Locale:

Be Careful
To make a translation, be careful of the length of the text (especially for ui components like buttons) and some items have a space at the end.
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