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How to enable Weasis logging?

Logs are available either in the Java console or in Weasis log files.

  1. By displaying the Java console:
    1. Windows
    2. Linux
    3. Mac:
      • Navigate to the following folder: Applications > Utilities > Java.
      • Click the Java Preferences icon and then the Advanced tab.
      • Under the Java console section, select the Show console radio button.
  2. By writing to log files:
    Logging could be activated int the file located in the /weasis/conf directory of weasis portable or in the conf directory of weasis.war. Adapt the following lines:
    # Set the logging levels for OSGI framework  0=None / 1(default)=Error / 2=Warning / 3=Information / 4=Debug
    # This may be any of the defined logging levels DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR and FATAL.${dollar}{felix.cache.rootdir}/.weasis/log/log

Is it possible to download DICOM files without having a WADO (Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects) server?

Yes, but a WADO server is recommended. Downloading DICOMs can be achieved by:

  • Bulding an xml file and using the field DirectDownloadFile where the final URL is the combination of wadoURL + DirectDownloadFile:
    <wado_query xmlns= "" xmlns:xsi="" wadoURL="http://external.server/images/" ...
    <Instance SOPInstanceUID="" InstanceNumber="35" DirectDownloadFile"image_4563173729424543.dcm" />
  • Adding the following parameter in the argument tag of the JNLP or as an argument of the weasis-portable executable file:
    $dicom:get -r http://external.server/images/img1.dcm http://external.server/images/img2.dcm
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